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Beyond the economic and commercial attraction the country offers, no Central European country wears superlatives more easily, in terms of quality of life, than the Slovak Republic. Much of the country’s rich cultural heritage owes its origins to the dominant role played in shaping the Central and Eastern Europe we know today. And physically, it’s like a living mosaic of Europe’s finest and most enchanting scenery.

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You plan to visit Slovakia and want to know if there is a special event at the time of your stay ? Online-Slovakia offers you a panorama of the main sport, cultural and business events in Slovakia in 2017.


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About Slovakia

Slovakia is a located in Central Europe. It has had an eventful history. It is close by to famous tourist destinations such as Czech Republic and Austria. The country is Slavic in terms of spirit.

Slovakia was previously part of Czechoslovakia and was within the Communist Bloc. The country created itself as a state at the end of World War I and became independent in 1993. It has achieved fast growth in terms of its economy. It has also become a member of the European Union since 2004.

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