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Export to Slovakia, import-export and customs regulations


Slovakia, physically, lies in the centre of the new Europe at the crossroads of one of the world’s oldest trading routes: east-west water route along the River Danube and the overland route from the Baltic to the Mediterranean. This facilitates market accessibility and explains why foreign investors achieved more than 80% export performance on average. The European Union accounts for 40% of Slovakian exports and Germany represents over half of this.


commodities (2012.): machinery and electrical equipment 35.9%, vehicles 21%, base metals 11.3%, chemicals and minerals 8.1%, plastics 4.9% )

partners (2012): Germany 22.3%, Czech Republic 14.9%, Poland 8.8%, Hungary 7.8%, Austria 7%, France 5.6%, Italy 4.9%, UK 4.1%


commodities (2012): machinery and transport equipment 31%, mineral products 13%, vehicles 12%, base metals 9%, chemicals 8%, plastics 6%

partners (2012): Germany 18.6%, Czech Republic 18%, Russia 9.9%, Austria 8%, Hungary 6.8%, Poland 6%, South Korea 4.1%

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