Culture and tradition - Slovakia


 Slovaks have not yet lost their hospitality as did some nations in the West. They live mostly humble life, but still they can share. They can sing a lot of nice folk songs. They know how to work and they know anyway.

Slovakia’s cultural heritage is not as strong as its neighbours

Slovaks are proud of their national culture :

- Music with Peter Dvorský

- litterature with the poet Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav

- Craft

- Painting with Ludovit Fulla...


  Painting from Ludovit Fulla


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Information and files on the artistic productions of Slovakia.

Ustredie l'udovej umeleckej vyroby (ULUV)
Various information, useful addresses and publications on the Slovak craft industry.

Centre for Information on Slovak Literature
Promotion of Slovak literature in the world, with many resources.

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