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Negociation and partnerships with the Slovaks


Preparing a negociation

Meetings are generally conducted by a senior person, who also sets the agenda. The most efficient way to arrange business contacts remains personal reference or recommendation.

Slovaks have rather a conservative attitude towards foreigners, but are pro-Western. It is advisable to confirm (by email) any planned meetings. Business talks are usually conducted in a relaxed atmosphere as Slovaks prefer friendly relationships. Written summaries and notes from meetings are encouraged to minimise misunderstandings between business partners. It is recommended to stick to the agreed agenda during a business meeting.

Succeeding a negociation

Appointments should be arranged in advance and punctuality is valued. Bringing an interpreter for meetings is appreciated. Slovakians will not be rushed into making a deal. They must think it is in their best interest before agreeing. Slovakians prefer detailed contracts

Slovakians often use time delays as a tactic to pressure the other party during negotiations, especially if they know that you have a deadline. The orientation towards price that is still dominating is slowly changing to the orientation towards quality and functionality.

Price negotiation is recommended in a style of communication based on rational reasons and a promise of future co-operation.  Abrupt price exaggeration is not recommended.

Managing contracts and partnerships

Successfully doing business in Slovakia requires a thorough understanding of the local culture as well as an interest in developing genuine relationships with the Slovak people. It is preferable to develop personal relationships and establish respect and credibility before doing business with Slovaks.

Commitment and loyalty towards foreign partners are not widespread in Slovakia. Long-term relationships often lead to failures.

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