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Bratislava is home to numerous souvenir shops and international boutiques.

If the cheap shopping would be your reason to visit our Little Big city, you might be a little disappointed after all. Although there are several shopping malls in the city, not all of the renowned outlet stores are represented in Bratislava yet. As for the designer clothes, it is better to take a short trip to Vienna with hundreds of popular stores offering very low rates.

The most popular Bratislava shopping malls - AUPARK in the city centre, just accross the river from the Old Town, AVION and POLUS - offer a combination of shopping and leisure activities. Many boutiques & shops are located on Obchodna street near the Old Town pedestrian area.

TESCO department store on Kamenne namestie, is the most convenient place for grocery shopping in the city centre. For food you might also want to try Stara Trznica (the Old Market) on Namestie SNP.

For international newspapers and magazines, Bratislava postcards and maps, try Interpress shops on Panska, Sedlarska or the one inside the Radisson Carton Hotel on Hviezdoslavovo namestie.

When you walk down the narrow streets of the Old Town, you will find several small Antiques offering charming things from the past. Sometimes you can find a real bargain there.

For Bratislava Souvenirs, check the stands on Hlavne namestie (the Main square) or specialized Souvenir shop on Sedlarska. Original folk handicrafts, including folk art costumes, embroideries, woolen and flax fabrics, blue-prints, glass paintings and wooden toys are sold in ULUV (Centre for Folk Art Crafts) with shops on Obchodna, Namestie SNP and Michalska.

A typical food or drink might also be a little something to bring home from your visit to Bratislava. As the Slovaks are proud of their shepherd culture, the sheep cheese products, e.g. parenica, korbaciky, ostiepok or zincica are considered to be the national food. Also delicious Slovak wines could be a pleasant souvenir. And how about a bottle of Borovicka - the typical Slovak juniper brandy?

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